Ready Service is a mobile and fully self-contained service requiring no external power source for Shutdown and Turnaround Operations.

Ready Service utilizes a patented technology that is versatile with various applications from pressure bleed downs to vacuum truck venting. The service provides all in one emission control and management of fluid treatment for continuous plant maintenance and day-to-day emission control.

Through development of a mobile, versatile and self-sufficient platform, we have created a new way to provide flexible pricing options for H2S and emission control for companies. Ready Service provides chemical optimization, waste reduction, rapid deployment and withdrawal designed to meet the challenging demands of plant shutdowns and ongoing maintenance.

Sour fluids and vapors present during Shutdowns and Turnarounds lead to escalating costs and increased downtime. Ready Service is a turnkey solution that is highly accessible and mobile using innovative technology and processes to enhance onsite plant treatment while ensuring worker safety.